2016 Cadillac CT6

The car features technologies that make the drivers have higher awareness of their surroundings. For instance, it has chassis systems (which include active technologies) that offer impressive control in all types of conditions. The driver will also surely become awed by its powertrains, specifically the new Cadillac Twin Turbo engine that offers incredible power on demand.

Passengers of the CT6 are treated to an amazing array of connectivity options as well as those for comfort and luxury. In terms of automotive body structures, the CT6 is unmatched when compared to the best luxury performance sedans in the world. It uses the most advanced aluminum-intensive architecture that makes use of 11 materials to attain excellent levels of efficiency, strength and performance.

The CT6’s agility is achieved by its rigid and lightweight architecture, made all the more remarkable with active-on-demand all-wheel drive and the added fun of active rear steering and Magnetic Ride Control on the available Active Chassis System. The CT6 comes with greater agility in low speeds and better stability in high speeds because it features active rear steering with the Active Chassis System.

The CT6 has a turning circle of just 37 feet (11.4 m), making it comparable with the CTS, which boasts a 114.6-inch wheelbase. Meanwhile, the CT6 has a 122.4-inch wheelbase. With the CT6, Cadillac shows us its evolved “face,” including new grille and signature lighting ideas. It has new LED light blades on its vertical light signature, framing the front of the car.

It also comes with highly advanced Indirect Fire LED headlamps that provide forward illumination. The CT6 cabin features a stunning execution of proportion, technology, and craftsmanship. It’s clear that Cadillac’s designers had sought an interior that’s roomy, bold, and elegant with its curated environments and in surface sculpture.

The brand is known for its cut-and-sew interiors but it has stepped it up with the use of authentic materials and superb details. Comfort, connectivity, and safety are all top-rate with its use of advanced technology. It is impossible not to get wowed by the estimated 400 horsepower (298 kW) and 400 lb-ft of torque (543 Nm) produced by the all-new Cadillac 3.0L Twin Turbo engine.

At 133 horsepower (99 kW) per liter, it’s easily one of the most powerful V-6 engines in the segment. Cadillac boosted its efficiency by pioneering the use of cylinder deactivation technology on a turbocharged V-6 engine, as well as on an eight-speed automatic transmission. It also comes with 2.0L I-4 turbocharged and new 3.6L V-6 naturally aspirated engines, and each with a new eight-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac made sure that the CT6 is easy to handle and is stable in all conditions by making it available with active-on-demand all-wheel drive that has a continuously variable clutch that infinitely varies power delivery to the front wheels – by as much as 959 lb-ft (1,300 Nm).

For the first time ever, full-display technology is used in this industry with the installation of the Rear Camera Mirror that combines camera technology with the conventional inside mirror to project an unobstructed view in the mirror.

Another feature that’s bound to get a lot of attention is its big 10.2-inch-diagonal CUE interface screen with 1280 x 720 HD resolution and console mounted touchpad. Scrolling is faster with the capacitive-touch screen.

It also recognizes handwriting for address/points of interest search. In addition, the touchpad permits the user to control the CUE features while resting an arm on the center console instead of touching the screen.


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