Citroen Aircross Concept

The concept car has these dimensions: length of 4.58m long, width of 2.1m, and height of 1.8m. This means that it is comparable to a Land Rover Discovery Sport except for its width, which is an aspect that concept car designers want to amplify the most. It is believed that the concept cars’ looks may be adapted for use on a crossover family that can range from a vehicle that goes up against a Mini Countryman to a bigger, seven-seat SUV.

Citroen has plenty of reasons to roll out its new look quickly over the next 5 years. The company hopes to have its own identity among PSA’s DS and Peugeot brands and so far, Cactus sales have only been referred to as “encouraging.”

The petrol engine is used exclusively on the motorway. In addition, the Aircross has a boost function that activates the combined 313bhp of the electric motor and petrol engine when there’s heavy acceleration. As a result, the car can go from zero to 62mph in 4.5sec. It posts CO2 emissions of 39g/km and claim a fuel economy of 166mpg. One of the most prominent changes is seen on the headlights.

Similar to that of the Cactus, the thin headlights are linked to the logo. Every Citroen car has this design but the area under it will change depending on bodystyle. The “mouth” of the Aircross is wider and is more open than the one on the Cactus. The brand is deviating from what’s trendy with German premium makers and isn’t so keen on chrome.

The cabin of its cars has very few chrome accents. Instead, it uses materials such as Teflon coating and brushed aluminium, which are durable but tactile. The interior is comfortable and inviting, something that the company describes as “sofa spirit.”

The Airbumps have evolved. The Alloy Bumps are set low to play up the more aggressive SUV stance and are built using honeycomb aluminium castings encompassed by hard rubber.

On the production versions, they’re not expected to be as intricate or heavy. It’s believed though that there will be an evolution of the Airbump concept on various vehicle types.


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