Porsche focused on cutting the weight down and improving the aerodynamics of the GT3 RS (on which this R version is based on). They also improved the handling, reduced fuel consumption and lowered the service and spare parts costs if you can believe it!

Even the wheelbase has been stretched out by 8.3 cm (3.2 inches) which leads to a better balanced weight distribution and more predictable handling - especially in fast corners, compared to the previous GT3 R.

Powering the new 911 GT3 R is a 4.0 liter flat-six unit which is largely identical to the production engine of the road-legal GT3 RS, however the 'R' does use a little over 500 HP. By all accounts, at just 1,220 kg (2,689 lbs) in weight, this should and most definitely will be an extremely fast race car.

The rear wheels help the GT3 R put all its power down through a sequential 6-speed constant-mesh gearbox while the fact that the engine is naturally-aspirated helps the driver use the rev range more efficiently.

Further modifications went towards improving the brake system through increased ABS precision and six-piston aluminum monobloc racing calipers in the front (380 mm discs) and four-piston calipers at the rear (372 mm discs).

Safety-wise, the fuel tank (120 liters) now has a fuel cut-off safety valve while the escape hatch in the roof is larger. Though the thought of losing control of such a car seems almost absurd, especially with that massive rear wing.

The wing measures no fewer than 2 meters (78 inches) in width by 40 cm (15 inches) in depth. By all accounts, that is one big wing, and the downforce it generates should keep the 911 GT3 R glued to the racetrack.

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