Bugatti Veyron Hybrid

What do the hybrid hypercars lack? A top speed that’s on par with Koenigsegg or Bugatti's ageing current Veyron. Here, the VW-owned brand could step in and provide a hybrid hypercar that also has a very top speed – it will be designed specifically to regain that crown it seems.

Bugatti Veyron Hybrid

Autocar cites a German report confirming it really will be a hybrid. The Bild story, which quotes VW boss Martin Winterkorn, says the car will be good for 286 mph or 460 km/h thanks to a combined power output of 1,480 hp (1,500 PS).

Bugatti Veyron Hybrid

However, they really do need to create something special this time around, as competition in the hypercar sector now exists, whereas it didn't in 2004 when the Veyron came out. The car is expected to debut in 2018.


Bugatti Veyron Hybrid Bugatti Veyron Hybrid Bugatti Veyron Hybrid


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