Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version

Bloodhound's RRV Fleet now includes two XJRs and an F-Type custom-built by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Operations team. As you probably know, Jaguar is Technical and Innovation Partner to the Bloodhound Project. One of the two Jaguar XJRs being provided for the record attempts will be on display at the festival and will also take part in the First Glance hill run on Saturday, June 27, with current world land speed record holder and Bloodhound SSC driver Andy Green at the wheel.

Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version

Both the XJR and the F-Type RRVs feature a bespoke livery created by Jaguar Design incorporating the Bloodhound SSC colors. The 550PS XJR RRVs have no rear seats in order to accommodate vital equipment and are fitted with a roll-cage. The luxury sedans also feature specially-made housings to carry tools supplied by British manufacturer Angloco, which include a bespoke foam misting cylinder, a hydraulic pump, motor and hose.

The Bloodhound team will use the RRVs throughout all high speed tests and world land speed record attempts in the South African Haakskeen Pan to provide vital services for Andy Green. This will be Jaguar's third involvement in a world land speed record attempt. The company provided an XJ12 for Richard Noble to break the record in Thrust 2 in 1983, and an XJR for Andy Green's Thrust SSC in 1997.

Besides the Jaguar RRVs for Bloodhound SSC, the automaker's lineup at Goodwood will include the first production version of the new F-Type Project 7, the new 340PS, 3.0-liter Jaguar XE S, as well as a selection of Jaguar's most iconic heritage cars including XJ13, Group 44 E-type, Long Nose D-type, TWR XJS and Broadspeed XJ12C.


Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version Jaguar XJR Bloodhound SSC version Jaguar Group 44 E-Type Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C Jaguar XJ13 TWR Jaguar XJS


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